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diisco.x 19 hours
(new) Single sign here pinned [2537]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone
karen1xx October 2015
(new) do men really know wot women want [478]
it seems they dont,so this is for the guys repys to tell us wot they think women want lol obviously the women don have to agree
lady47 May 2015
(new) Older women with younger men [422]
Is it me but are there a lot of young guys out there wanting to be with older women, and is it right!!!
zirhk May 2014
(new) single and looking for date? [408]
open door for everyone lol....what are you looking for? :D
qwenn August 2013
(new) Wap crushes [366]
daydream...who are they?
qwenn November 2018
(new) Is distance relationship do possible? [255]
Is distance relationship s possible?orjust looking for comfort or just love no
bigb00ty July 2015
(new) ****single bbws**** [193]
leave ya mark and maybe ya could find sum1 date if enuff people sign we could even arrange a nig
calvoluv June 2013
snatch29 July 2020
(new) Black or White [181]
If your looking to be my baby it don't matter if your black or white...Does it matter to you what race somebody is? love is love right? Inlove
nsw31fem 19 hours
(new) bbw or bbm singles [138]
big beautiful women and men, for those who like em can sign in too :)
angel207 April 2014
(new) Who's your crush on pro? [176]
...and if they're reading this topic, would ya date those crushing on ya? :p
alilgemx January 2014
(new) Your Type ! [137]
Off Male are female ... Looks ,personality .ect
debbi.23 April 2012
(new) I am single because.... [197]
My name is Debbi and I am single because.... I cant eat in public
reebok32 July 2018
sugarela October 2011
(new) why are all the guys [198]
after either gorgeous slim model types, or the big beautiful women? what about us average girls, the size 14s n 16s? too big for the lovers of slim gi

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