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3mel January 2009
(new) msg alert 2 (8)
hey y'all bin wonderin if any of u modders are able 2 extract this alert tone from a k750/w800. I'd really like 2 get it onto me nokia as its quite pi

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3mel January 2020
this was nearly ten years ago, everything about this thread is no longer relevant or active.
3mel March 2018
select use as portable storage or the equivalent
3mel January 2017
android apps can be quite big in size but it all depends on how you're likely to use it. for many ppl running out of memory is very easy and a memory
3mel January 2017
very low internal memory free to the user, from what I read it's not recommended. video playback stutters too...
3mel November 2016
what.gif you know that's not even a sentence right ? there's the slim possibility that your model of xperia can be unlocked via a software tweak,

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