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funtikar August 2012
(new) xperia sola and p vs Arc S (3)
i got a good deal for all these phone..sola is still a contender bcoz it has the floating touch tech..clearly sola and p is of the newer generation,an
funtikar August 2011
(new) JavaSpeedTest (6)
Hi every1.. I am doing some research, can anyone download my app at and post here your results.. It will test out how fast your ja

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funtikar March 2018
no you hate want to install large games, take a picture
funtikar January 2014
@batil...whattt?...if you could afford either iphone 4s or xperia Z...why would you want an iphone4s?
funtikar April 2013
i think the battery life is really good...but it has one of the lamest gpu you could have on smartphones
funtikar August 2012
what abt battery life ? for the xperia p
funtikar August 2012
both p and sola hv 1ghz dual core cpu..sola with only 5mp..both phone have large internal storage space

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