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john_163 January 2014
(new) New Xperia D6503 Leakead Prototype (0)
Seem like a refreshd z1 but with some new hardware n android 4.4.2.. also new sound chip.. n features check all the new screenshot http://forum.xda-d
john_163 October 2011
(new) SMS BAck Up N REstore (2)
i have a problem with my usb , cant connect it on pc is is it possible to connect Myphoneexplorer via bluetooth n backup my msg?
john_163 July 2011
(new) Chargeng (10)
Guys I replaced my old usb connector with a new 1, dat prob is it connects on pc an gets charge, bt wen I charge 4n via charger I wont get charge. I
john_163 July 2011
(new) W8 (3)
Hw good is this phone an heard its cheap?
john_163 June 2011
(new) SE YENDO(W150) (5)
Since i hav w995 m plang of getn this phone to, is it any good, an does it support sis file etc. An whats the price?

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john_163 March 2018
custom rom it n ul love it even much. more performance
john_163 March 2016
just do check disk scan on ur pc on the sd card just tick the 1st option
john_163 September 2015
john_163 March 2018
ders a option n settng to make txt large on the fone
john_163 July 2014
see xperiablog it will enable streio speakers for z1 wit a mode

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