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missmobi June 2014
WERE ? @imallonmyjackjones
missmobi June 2014
Gumtree sin few id try ebay or 17quid
missmobi June 2014
Any advice got sw w810i its im hong kong writing wen connect wot do i need so its english lmao i dont wana pay 4 debraning or wot it dosnt need its no
missmobi June 2016
Any help pls i got a SE w810 of ebay its not in english its unlocked it wont download i tryed its not for me so i dont wana attempt do owt 2 it lmao i
missmobi June 2014
Any1 lol need sum help i got a sw 810 its of ebay its in hong kong languge n dosnt download its unlocked already dos it need flashing or wot i duno ho

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slade24 June 2014
(new) Sony w810 flashing white screen til (5)
How do i repair goes on til the sony ericsson words.then the phne goes do i fix it.what do i need 2 download.newby 2 flashing sony er
mikey35 June 2016
(new) unlocking fones (9)
how do i unlock my k800i
vipinvip June 2014
(new) Repair centre (4)
I will help yo what is prlb with yo sony phone

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