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w 3 hours 36 minutes
(new) .::Everyday clipArt::. pinned [14085]
daily shoutbox Time Pass + miscellaneous forum topic :)
kristy59 2 days
(new) Outlander [105]
Did anyone watch this series?
legend12 5 days
(new) Best Anime Character [78]
There are a lots of anime. Which contains numerous characters. But which one's are the best? Write here their names along with the anime names.
3mel 7 days
(new) recommend me a good TV series pinned [1028]
I need something to watch that's quality other than the few shows I'm watching now or waiting on for their return. so what's really good ppl? my rough
kristy59 8 days
(new) ARE YOU READY FOR... [22]
CHRISTMAS? Only 3 sleeps till santa comes santa
slick_01 24 days
(new) Megan Fox (4)
Shes the hottest thing ive seen on the big screen
astraera 2020
(new) Sailor Moon (3)
And yes I had to throw up. I don't know. :o/. :oI. What is the internet?
4juice 2020
(new) Netflix pinned [62]
This is an official Netflix topic. You can post recommended titles in here or suggest a best or worse instant titles. Please add Netflix region as well when recommending titles. You are also encourage to post about newly l
cashdola 2020
(new) what are you watching... [354]
tell us what you are watchin and us what intrests u
soap983 November 2019
(new) What are you reading? [54]
Hey guys. This is a post for you to post on which books you've been reading. Please criticize or compliment but most of all recommend books that you t
slayer.j November 2019
(new) House M.D [15]
Just completed season 8...was really fantastic I was never interested in all those medical shows but after the 1st episode of house I was totally hook
contented November 2019
(new) Criminal Minds (3)
anything out there like it worth the watch? I devoured all four seasons in a week and now I can't find anything to get into. any sensible suggestions
johncraven November 2019
(new) Recommend a movie to the last poster [21]
So one poster will reply with a movie genre they really dislkike and the next hopefully will recommend a movie from that genre to which they hope the
saher02 November 2019
(new) media should be a rolmodle (3)
media can bring a big change in the nations attitudes and behviours.
sassy27 October 2019
(new) Movie!! What's hot! What's trending (8)
Which have you seen lately?

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