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manchesr 1 day 9 hours
(new) What are you playing pinned [6180]
What are you playing and on what platform?
sammy19x 10 days
(new) PS4 Vs cod [12]
If playstation are meant to be the best console compated to Xbox! Then why are ps4s overheating when playing cod. Personally Xbox is better
guillium 11 days
(new) Metro Redux [18]
Playing 2033 atm, very very impressed...especially when 4A has squeezed both it and Last Light into a 14gb install, while Wolfenstein The New Order wa
nomber 17 days
thermaltake 19 days
(new) Pc game names [11]
Name all the awesome pc games here what people can't think of.That unravel game was fun and unravel two.Kings Quest-nice adventure.Two point hospital,
nomber 20 days
(new) 4k gaming (2)
Is it worth it?
nobyboy 22 days
warded 23 days
(new) DRM / always online (2)
I can understand (but don't approve) this on PC. But what the heck is this stuff doing on consoles?!!
warded 26 days
warded June 2020
(new) RESIDENT EVIL 8 (0)
The village.
thermaltake June 2020
(new) The witcher how? (1)
I have all 3 but can someone plz tell me how do you play what do you have to do?Where to go and so do you know?Thankyou.
cyberman June 2020
(new) bioshock 1 2 or infinite [18]
never played this series which is the best 1?
saher02 June 2020
(new) lets ply a ludo (4)
plz stop cheap and nonsence games right now. . .
warded May 2020
(new) Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (6)
Just restarted this game on hard yesterday. Getting slapped around a lot lol . also i did not use new game+
newt182 May 2020
(new) Half Life Alyx (2)
What an incredible game - Visually, I have only just started playing The incredible sense of immersion in the world is mind blowing. I remember my first experience with Nvidia 3D Vision and how playing Darksiders surprised me at how good every

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