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manchesr 5 hours 7 minutes
(new) What are you playing pinned [6294]
What are you playing and on what platform?
ricky1223 8 hours 40 minutes
(new) Gta. [26]
I can never forgetmemories.gif when i played GTA i hope i will play it againdaydream.gif
ricky1223 3 days
(new) GTA 5. (1)
How i play my GTA 5 on my android phone
mok214 5 days
(new) Capcom got hacked (2)
So far as the press releases go only three employees has had their information posted online and it is thought the hacker or hackers damaged more info
alanball 19 days
(new) Fifa 21 (1)
Anyone want to come and have a go at the Champ? dancecat
ricky1223 23 days
(new) Mini militia (5)
Why has mini militiagrin.gif?
vooltex 27 days
(new) PES 2020 (3)
ricky1223 28 days
(new) Subway Surf (3)
What is the highest distance you've scored in Subway Surf shades.gif Minegrin3.gif: 200,000000kmgrin.gif
warded 29 days
(new) New Nintendo 2DS XL Stylus (0)
Is surprisingly good. good Not too short and the thickness gives it a pretty good grip. A stub i
ufohunter October 2020
(new) Microsoft Being Sued Over Major Xbox One.. (3)
.. controller defect repost.gifXbox is being s
ufohunter October 2020
(new) The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare (1)
Army Men with a COD good.gif twist!
warded October 2020
(new) FREE rpg maker player (5)
redalert In 3DS eShop for RPG Maker Fes. In Switch eShop and Playstation Store (PS4) for RPG
warded September 2020
(new) XBOX SX backwards compatibility (1)
read May go all the way back to the original XBOX.
warded September 2020
(new) Playstation 5 backwards compatible? (1)
I skipped PS4 entirely. Might get a PS5 if this is true. read
kenb2321 September 2020
(new) Microsoft buys Zenimax (6)
Hmm. Will this mean the next scrolls and fallouts will be exclusive to the next gen xbox? Thatd be a huge blow to ps.

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