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manchesr 14 hours
(new) What are you playing pinned [6248]
What are you playing and on what platform?
warded 1 day 2 hours
(new) Playstation 5 backwards compatible? (1)
I skipped PS4 entirely. Might get a PS5 if this is true. read
saher02 1 day 12 hours
(new) i like Honest PLayers (1)
there are less ppl who hv Win their games with Truth nd HOnesty...
kenb2321 5 days
(new) Microsoft buys Zenimax (6)
Hmm. Will this mean the next scrolls and fallouts will be exclusive to the next gen xbox? Thatd be a huge blow to ps.
warded 6 days
(new) UR MR GAY (SMG on Switch) (0)
is what the stars/highlights on the letters in the logo spell out in Super Mario Galaxy. they could have removed them from the 3D All-Stars release, b
popcap 6 days
(new) Super Mario 3D World Review (3)
Compact by the standards of the Galaxy adventures but still loaded with bountiful secrets, beneath the warm familiarity of 3D World lies one of the st
warded 6 days
(new) FREE rpg maker player (4)
redalert In 3DS eShop for RPG Maker Fes. In Switch eShop and Playstation Store (PS4) for RPG
oyeboy1 8 days
(new) Which game is the best (3)
Gta, god hand, mortal combact, subway, temple run, which one is the best
dani87 11 days
(new) Final Fantasy Forum pinned [910]
Any of u people out there who want to keep a forum totally dedicated for the absolute fab final fantasy-series? Then join this,and help me! :) if u ha
seifer 11 days
(new) Fave Horror game?? (8)
What is yours?
gibber 11 days
(new) Saboteur 2 (1)
Love dis game
thermaltake 11 days
(new) Pc game names [12]
Name all the awesome pc games here what people can't think of.That unravel game was fun and unravel two.Kings Quest-nice adventure.Two point hospital,
nomber 11 days
warded 13 days
(new) Bravely Default (3)
This is like the best ''Final Fantasy'' game that isn't branded under the FF name. hooray.gif A sequel is on the way too.
warded 26 days
(new) Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (2)
Etrian Odyssey meets Persona in a chibi adventure read.gif

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