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dubman87 June 2016
(new) Blur [30]
Worst game iv ever played
dubman87 September 2013
(new) Fallout: New Vegas pinned [1685]
wondering if this can be made a sticky thread for everyone to use n talk about new vegas. 15mins or so in and i can tell im going to love this.. iv ne
dubman87 January 2012
(new) Wipeout hd. [431]
Who wants a game? Chin
dubman87 September 2011
(new) Demon's souls [44]
After buying this a while ago I thought hmm what a bag of ! Just got it out again months later n wow... What a bag of !
dubman87 July 2011
(new) Just in!! [15]
Not played Deadly Premonition? Well now you've no excuse - it's coming to XBL games on demand next tuesday

* Replies:
dubman87 July 2011
Ima true gamer
dubman87 July 2011
Brill games
dubman87 July 2011
Sounds awful. Not a fan of the mercenaries part of re4 n re5
dubman87 June 2011
Dont buy it, its shyte. Trust me
dubman87 July 2011
Whats the game about?

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gollum April 2011
(new) Weird PSN msg [132]
Hey there, Plankton1975! It's your PSN friend, TheLastLizard! So I was just chilling, then I started thinking, people who play pirated games are real
dubman87 April 2011
(new) Crysis2 AGAIN [51]
If u havent yet bought this game then ur stupid. I seriously havent played a game this good in a long long time. Everyone knows Im quick to judge game
j.s.1983 March 2011
(new) 10 Days [24]
Til 3Ds *its the UK.
dubman87 March 2011
(new) Koa reckoning [20]
Looks waaaay better than dark souls clap

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