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wildhart May 2019
(new) Days Gone (8)
Anyone picking this up tomorrow? I think it looks pretty awesome even if it is yetanother zombie game
wildhart February 2019
(new) Metro Exodus (2)
Anyone picking this up tomorrow?
wildhart October 2018
wildhart May 2017
(new) Torment: Tides of Numenera (1)
Anyone playing this? I just ordered a copy on Amazon cant wait looks like a total old school RPG in the vein of the original Planescape Torment and Ba

* Replies:
wildhart 3 days
Just finished Days Gone so back on Horizon Zero Dawn
wildhart 3 days
As of today Rage 2 has interrupted my Days Gone addiction
wildhart May 2019
Kind of like an open world last of us
wildhart May 2019
So far expectations exceeded. It's right up my alley with the setting, story and mechanics, also I didn't realise Sam Witwer from The force unleashed
wildhart 3 days
While I am waiting for Days Gone to drop I am having a another play through of dying light fricking love this game

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rhylxlad February 2012
(new) skyrim...... wtf??? [69]
Ok iv decided to struggle through the glitched game to try and get the last few trophies......... I have just hit level 39......... And the level ba

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