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saher02 1 hour 12 minutes
(new) death with dignity (5)
Death with dignity is better than a life of humiliation.
saher02 14 hours
(new) do dug hv good (2)
To lose or to waste an Opportunity will result in grief and sorrow.
saher02 1 day 11 hours
(new) God Bless u (1)
Dont say bad words to anyone __do respect evry poor n rich person With the same way __ dont waste extra things, money, food cloths etc __ give chairty
waergr 5 days
(new) Nederlandse draad! :) Nog Nederlanders hier? [51]
het valt me op dat ik hier geen of amper Nederlanders voorbij zie komen. een jaar of 5 geleden was ik hier ook, onder een andere naam, toen kwam i
saher02 5 days
(new) Apny Pao pe Khary hon (0)
Dosrou ki rah me __Rorray__ to wohe atKaty han ___ Jo _Qaidana_ SaLaKhiYatOu_ se mehrum_hOty han.
monik4 8 days
(new) ada yang masi kenal akooh ga yaaaa.. [31]
Ayem monikaaaah.. temen2 akooh yg dulu nungul dung dimari nostalgiah kita
archerhouse 8 days
(new) Siapa yang kamu kangenin di Prodi (8)
Pasti dulu banyak banget user yang kalian kenal di sini. Tapi pasti ada yg paling berkesan dan istimwea siapa aja mereka???
miaiad 9 days
(new) Inter forum English! pinned [2374]
Hello lol Let's bring back some english to this forum, u all doing then? lol
saher02 10 days
(new) Kala Jadu haram hai (1)
__KaLa Jadu__ya__ KaLa_iLam __ karny_aur_karwany waly__Khuda ki__ Sakhat_Pakarr__ aur_Azaab__ me mubtila_hon_Gay__ In_sha_Allah _AzwajaL_
masktiger 17 days
(new) Do Recrutement to Fight NWO (4)
I would like to invite all citizens of the world who are in the same oppression with me.And want to gather all to unite in fighting the global eli
saher02 18 days
(new) Black magic (1)
Black magic is forbiden (Haram). and evry Haram thing will enter in the Hell.
xfloodx 24 days
(new) Indian Forum [1671]
hello al indian frenzz out der .. Come hea n post ur views.. thots.. jokes.. songs.. Mesages to otha buds .. Etc. Nething u like..xx hamey ye post top
mas_say 30 days
(new) +10 TAHOEN LALOE+ [221]
Once More Kipot Kadit Utum by me... Sekedar topik iseng oentoek mengoekoer dan instropeksi diri tentang prestasi kita,nah tjoba anda toelis disini ten
1owlcity August 2020
(new) Pinoy Music [256]
Mag post po kayo ng mga paborito nyo o pinapakinggan nyo na awiting Pinoy.
saher02 August 2020
(new) Eid Greetings (0)
* HApPY EiD MuBaRaK *

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