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1clivey1 18 days
(new) iphone10 [15]
who on earth would pay 1000pound for an iphone?? ok so its face recognition and has no hard main touch button but so has many others
polo_011 26 days
(new) iOS 14 Bringing some Android Features [18]
So finally we are seeing some Android stuff come over such as Homescreen Widgets, New Call Screen UI, App Library, Picture-in-Picture Mode, being able
missmobi August 2020
(new) Best Free Music App [11]
Iphone 7 Looking For Best Free Top 15 Music Free Apps What People Think How People Are Listerning To There Music Being Able To Save it , On Iphones
leon29 August 2020
(new) iMessages (4)
Is there any more secrets like the pew pew one!!
amdyabou July 2020
(new) How to reset a Iphone (8)
Hi, all friends please help me for reset my Iphone. Thank
missmobi July 2020
(new) iphone4s software updates (10)
Im using a 4s i didt update the ios 9 id read lots of bugs not many happy with it , iv got the ios 9.0.2 im thinking download it im unsure best fast
polo_011 July 2020
(new) What Case Do You Have (6)
I have long been a fan of the Apple Silicone cases, even before I owned iPhones, I often wished Samsung had the same cases. When I got the XS Max I go
sxcrico May 2020
(new) Unlock iphone (1)
Does anyone know how to unlock a locked iPhone without disabling it or does anyone know how to back up my pictures and things?
3mel March 2020
(new) why I'll never buy an apple product [17]
seen a few of this guys videos now and the more I watch the more dislike apple.
polo_011 March 2020
(new) Got my iPhone XS Max [20]
Got me a iPhone XS Max 256GB Space Grey.I have actually had it since late May, had it about 3 weeks now and loving it. I have always had iPads and we
polo_011 March 2020
(new) Got my iPhone 11 Pro Max - Midnight Green (0)
So my insurance went ahead and approved the replacement of my stolen XS Max 256GB Space Grey with a 11 Pro Max 256GB Midnight Green on Monday of this
missmobi February 2020
(new) IPHONE 7 (10)
Can anybody tell me as i cant find Opera for iphone 7 in appstore only opera touch ? And another app ,as anybody else noticed missing apps
sammy19x January 2020
(new) iPhones (3)
Are just Samsung technology with apple software
missmobi January 2020
(new) Iphone 6 (3)
Iv an iphone 6 i woz minding my own listerning to music next thing it totally went off nowts showing on the screen its blank but its charging if i cal
banbury August 2019
(new) iPHONE 6 [33]
iam aware the iphone 6 does have a larger 4.7 inch display over the 5S, but does anybody know its configuration, as in whether its just a taller panel

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