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Got me a iPhone XS Max 256GB Space Grey.I have actually had it since late May, had it about 3 weeks now and loving it. I have always had iPads and we have Macs at home, so getting settled in with the iPhone has been pretty smooth, I am absolutely loving the integration between my iPhone XS Max, iPad Air 2 and MacBook Air, its just insane how I can start something on the one and finish it off on the other right where I left off, its absolutely awesome. I still have my ties to Android with my awesome Huawei P30 Pro, but my daily driver will be my iPhone from here on. I am super excited for iOS 13 as it is bringing a lot of things I have wanted on iOS, seems I chose the best time to make the move.

Any way heres my beauty, if you are on MacRumors I am Tsepz over there:
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