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shubz April 2013
(new) iPhone 5 jailbreak (1)
Is there a untethered jailbreak for 6.1.2 for iPhone 5?
shubz September 2012
(new) Iphone notification help (8)
Right basically my fb app was fine for ages and now it don't even make any noise or vibrate to let me know I got new notifications. I got the same pro
shubz April 2012
(new) App store issue (7)
My iPhone apps r not bring updated for sum reason I tried wid n without wifi bt once I put my password in it dnt update and that circle internet fing
shubz April 2012
(new) Xmas give away (2)
Wen is app store gonna do dat advent calendar give away fing again dis year?
shubz October 2011
(new) Y cnt I update [20]
I gt a iPhone 4 and n I'm on 4.3.2 n I cnt update to iso5 for sum reason iTunes does let me and puts a error code on. Wot do u I it says d same fing f

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shubz September 2012
Tried it but still the same
shubz September 2012
I get my notifications but ain't but a clue why it ain't vibrating n making noise to alert me. Checked the setting part on fb on the phone n dee all o
shubz June 2012
I downloaded absinthe 2.0.4 but keeps on either crashing on sending data or says could not connect to lockdownd
shubz April 2012
Iv found wot d problem was, all u need to do is update cydia it just needs a complete update and den it should b fine cookie 34.
shubz April 2012

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