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fir3hill February 2017
(new) The huge, sinister gibbons of darkness (1)
Have you heard them at night, or perhaps noticed them looking through your Windows?
fir3hill January 2017
fir3hill September 2016
(new) The huge, sinister gibbons of the night (2)
Have you seen or heard them? They were gibbering through my letterbox last night!
fir3hill September 2016
(new) mind flavours (5)
What is the flavour of your mind?
fir3hill September 2016
(new) Twice upon a space [24]
I m sure this hasn't been done before, so I won't start bam.gif

* Replies:
fir3hill October 2020
I worked in the chip shop for three months, then I left, because I felt I was frittering my life away
fir3hill October 2020
My local chippys like a war movie on Saturday nights, a poka chips now
fir3hill August 2018
I have a savoury uvula
fir3hill March 2018
Electrical signals from my brain that cause the relevant facial muscles to contract
fir3hill September 2018
The cravendale melting biscuit boy

* Favourites:
bhb143 May 2016
(new) Sweets [91]
What's your Favourite
madhav99 April 2015
(new) bored time (10)
wt will make u feel hapy when you are bored?
dotyahago October 2014

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