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kristy59 6 hours 37 minutes
kristy59 5 days
(new) Last letter fruit game [53]
1st fruit ... Banana - if you can't name a fruit from last letter, use the letter before it lol
kristy59 14 days
kristy59 25 days
(new) PUB! [102]
Have you been celebrating the pubs opening today? drunk
kristy59 August 2020
(new) LastLetter CLIPART pinned [5400]
Same as last letter game etc but with a clipArt pic - 1st one gum gum

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kristy59 1 day 2 hours
PEACE AND QUIET gill001.gif
kristy59 6 hours 37 minutes
@ 0gypsy0 - 29.08.20 - 10:48am Critical and 1clivey1 said they'll hang us upside down if we don't stay cal
kristy59 2 days
Kristy smiled and fell asleep, you sure it's only stress said wolfie, yes Captain a lot has been going on lately and your wife is now feeling the stra
kristy59 2 days
Once the twins were asleep kristy made her way up to the wheelhouse, are you ok love, you look very pale said wolfie, I don't feel well at all, it's p
kristy59 25 days
@ miaiad - 26.08.20 - 01:08pm I'm happy to offer pay for coffee or meal, but not drink or pubs nod.gif</

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bhb143 August 2020
(new) Pet Peeves [44]
What kind of things get on your nerves
kristy59 March 2019
(new) FUNNIES/JOKES pinned [1846]
Lets have a giggle, tell us your CLEAN jokes gigglez
nimnom 2 days
(new) Once upon a time pinned [17304]
I'm sure this has been done before, but hey, I'm in a creative mood so let's have a story. You can probably guess where I'm going with this, but I'll
kristy59 April 2017
(new) Girl/Boy NAME GAME pinned [6013]
Same as last letter game but add name - 1st name MICHAEL

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