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stargazer 1 day 9 hours
(new) Any fans of 90s Grunge? (5)
What's your favorite band/song?
emski 4 days
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [40462]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
ricky112 4 days
(new) Maroon 5-memories (0)
Here's to the ones that we got Cheers to the wish you were but you're not Cause the drinks bring back all the memories Of everything we've be
ricky112 4 days
(new) I just wanna sing for you guys. (0)
African girly come in hop in my beamer You really know me i wanna take you for dinner Girl you really know me i get the money pass Shina Peter[b
warded 5 days
(new) RIP Alexi Laiho (1)
Has died only at the age of 41. Most known for being the front-man of Children of Bodom.
1owlcity 16 days
(new) Philippine Music Scene [496]
From classic to new rock, soul, ballad, pop, rnb, hiphop, EDM, folk, jazz (Just post Pinoy songs composed in English)
qgoodq 20 days
(new) Music (2)
Im looking for a website to download free mudic. Please help
coniezu 2021
(new) Sad songs [62]
Name one that makes you wanna cry whenever you hear it
destry 2021
(new) Chris Cornell [30]
Any fans around?
uzansoft 2021
(new) Music (10)
Drop the song you use as your phone ringing tone and i'll tell you the name of the musicial that sing it good.gif
martyr777 2021
(new) Christian Metal (2)
What's your top 10 favorite Christian Metal bands?
pmbguy November 2020
(new) UKG (UK Gqom) (7) Feedback is welcome and I hope you enjoy...
gomo1 November 2020
(new) HOUSE MUSIC [82]
Wats ur fav house track? Post the latest releases..
wildhart November 2020
(new) DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL pinned [524]
Not really of course I'm not a music . BUT there is nothing like metal music, the passion, intensity and invetiveness. Whether we are talking thrash,
zero01 October 2020
(new) indie [35]
anyone into suede, the tears, bernard buttler, brett anderson?

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