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anne_29 1 day 16 hours
(new) USA TOP 40 BILLB0ARD [35]
List s0me s0ngs that are part of the t0p usa40 billb0ard chart..In rand0m. .Include the number,s0ng and artist...Starts n0w!
emski 1 day 17 hours
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [41529]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
marmite7 8 days
(new) Depeche Mode [21]
Favourite track everybody. For me it has to be Walking In My Shoes, so haunting when you consider what was going through Dave Gahan's mind at the time
dan7h 18 days
(new) prodigy (6)
saw them at carling academy brum last night. Quality. Some of their new stuff is right back on form, can see few of the weird grungy fans selling thei
method1 18 days
(new) INCUBUS [29]
any fans? if so favourite song, album etc
method1 21 days
(new) dmx (10)
any fans? favourite album? song? etc etc
makavfli 21 days
(new) Real names(rappers) [61]
Post real names of rappers!
kurt_x 21 days
(new) GaMMa RaY [33]
Awsum!rnt they?any fan share ure views abt em
trunking 26 days
(new) Ellie Goulding (6)
Which song do you prefer? or [link]Burn:https://o
warded 30 days
(new) RIP Alexi Laiho (10)
Has died only at the age of 41. Most known for being the front-man of Children of Bodom.
goldenfery April 2024
(new) Foreign music (1)
Who knows adele best music ?
saucygalleta March 2024
(new) Your favourite DJ? (7)
I like the Italian trio MEDUZA. Who's yours?
slick_01 February 2024
(new) RAP IS THE FUTURE [283]
Rap/hiphop music is the future of all music, its already overtaking all other type of music and will never die out rap2
emozcar February 2024
(new) Music on ur play list (5)
Only music lover can relate 127911;127925;
slick_01 February 2024
(new) Kat Deluna (6)
wat happend to her? i never liked her or her music though

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