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3mel January 2013
(new) just found out.. (2)
that Keith deen, vocalist with the most underrated metal band ever has died on the 12/12/12.. if you have never heard of holy terror and are a fan of
3mel May 2011
(new) stock aitkin and waterman (8)
a user on another forum here said i new nothing about music because i thought the above mentioned producers were cr*p. So i would just like 2 invite u

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3mel May 2021
@ jezebel - 16.04.20 - 10:27pm Napalm Death - Dead Pt. 1Miss Saigon ? South Pacific
3mel October 2020
@ jezebel - 13.11.19 - 06:07pm Do you know anyone other than Nickelback or Daughtry? Both of which are mor
3mel May 2016
@ oysten - 10.03.16 - 09:18pm Jeff becerra from possessed tooafter an armed robbery didn't wo
3mel May 2016
was it a small indie label ? quite possible that someone runs a record label from their bedroom...
3mel November 2015
all his 'music' is terrible if not hysterical...

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dgsn August 2013
(new) Real punk [15]

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