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9362 2020
(new) Favourite new wave songs (9)
What's yours,a few of mine are;shot by both sides by magazine,into the valley and the saints are coming by the skids,where's captain kirk by spizz ene
9362 July 2018
(new) Irish music [39]
Thin lizzy,u2,chieftains,the great clannad,what irish bands/types of music do you like?
9362 April 2017
(new) Ludivico einaudi (1)
Only just discovered this artist via his essential collection,which i've been playing to death,what other albums of his do people reccomend?
9362 September 2016
(new) Glastonbury [32]
Anyone going or like me going to watch it on the tv?line up looks awesome
9362 September 2014
(new) New prince albums (2)
So a couple come out at the same time,anyone got them yet?Doubtless garion will have got them straightaway and be listening to them non stop

* Replies:
9362 May 2018
Nouela's version beats them all
9362 June 2016
French kiss by lil louis.
9362 October 2014
Led zeppelin,whole lotta love as it was based on Willie dixon's you need love
9362 March 2014
song for guy by elton john
9362 4 days
I could swear that garion has a huge box of suicide music,i.e. Prog rock which he has just because of the weird band names

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