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andydent February 2012
(new) brit awards 2012 (4)
What were your high points and low points? Of the acts on stage. The winners. And low points. Mine would be the show running short of time cutting Ade

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andydent July 2012
video is good for fire flies despite the line i said about in an earlier post give it a look on youtube :-)
andydent July 2012
ok here's the line that makes me groan but then its a great rhyme - Leave my door open just a crack (Please take me away from here) 'Cause I feel like
andydent July 2012
yep agree about the awful lyrics there are some rhymes that make me groan in fire flies for example but that to one side some good music
andydent 23 days
Simple Minds Bring on the dancing horses - via grooveshark on the web.
andydent May 2015
gone but not forgotton.

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