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awantha May 2015
(new) Lycia!! (1)
Cold polar bears appear every where!!!
awantha October 2014
(new) songs about suicide (5)
can you suggest any?songs like this ascension - swan dive, opeth - in my time of need..
awantha September 2013
(new) Satanic Warmaster (3)
why do these silly bands have the nicest riffs..:D.Can't stop listening to them..despite that silly name and lyrical themes.
awantha June 2013
(new) Nortt (4)
so I was listening to their Gudsforladt album for the millionth time on my way back home from work, it's the most perfect sound to depict this cold gr

* Replies:
awantha November 2017
awantha January 2018
That little bi**h the world could do without
awantha February 2018
Is that a scientific observation?
awantha February 2019
They r a level below vomit
awantha November 2017
They are not seen by mortal eyes

* Favourites:
black0ut September 2013
(new) whole album [36]
Which album in your collection can you listen all the way through without skipping a track?

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