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carmilla January 2010
(new) SNUFF [12]
Best song ive heard in such a long time..lyrics are truly genious...
carmilla January 2010
(new) HIM [14]
Why is it that Bam has basically ripped off the heartogram as his own symbol and why doesnt valo care...

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carmilla October 2012
succubus is better
carmilla February 2010
um we are only on c
carmilla March 2010
and dave used to be with metallica before he got too big for his britches
carmilla February 2010
B-Breaking Benjamin...which im going to go see in a few months
carmilla February 2010
Layne Staley

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nottz_86 May 2013
(new) HIPHOP NEWS [3335]
i will start doing this all in one thread. this will be done every day. this will include every thing hip hop related from news, future albums, cd sal
mystroh May 2010
(new) what is TripHop? [22]
what is triphop and which triphop artist rocks'em all?

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