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laity November 2013
(new) Chicken Hawk - Metal (9)
New video from a band that are most likely gonna be pretty big soon.. it's probably the best vid i've seen for anyone without a major label n better t
laity November 2013
(new) Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) (6)
charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a female under 13 and possession/distribution of indecent images of children. Didn't see tha
laity April 2009
(new) Jumpoff World Rap... (10)
Championship.......... Besides the obvious choice of Illmaculate 'n' TheSaurus, who do u think stands out/could possibly take home the title this yr?

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laity November 2016
Revolver or white album.. tho I do agree that white album should have been trimmed down
laity April 2016
Everything is awesome
laity August 2014
Went to the first one.. wouldn't go now if you paid me.. lineup is terrible
laity August 2014
@ king397 - 22.07.13 - 09:21am immortal technique's revolutionary vol 2 is better than most metal albums.<
laity July 2014
Experience is my favourite album, but jilted was their best.. everything after that has just got progressively worse

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