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musho77 20 days
(new) old music casettes ? [18]
got loads of casettes that i bought from 1994 to 1999 just wondering if they are worth anything or should i just put them all in the bin ?
musho77 September 2012
(new) help (2)
anyone know who this new song is by, its a man and woman singing she sound scandinavian he sounds a bit like james blunt and there trumpets playing in
musho77 February 2009
(new) Kai Tracid (3)
anyone like this DJ ? great stuff if you like trance

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musho77 February 2017
musho77 February 2018
not liking this new trance sound martin garrix etc like the older stuff like ferry corsten, signum, vincent de moor, kai tracid etc anyone know what o
musho77 20 days
ok thanks all how would i put the tapes on to an mp3 player , what would i need to transfer from tape to pc as files ?
musho77 20 days
just albums lots of trance dj.01
musho77 June 2014
he looked pretty dead to me in the photos on

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