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nvidia69 January 2009
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The difference between hip hop and rap is rap is all commercialized and its all about pointless stuff like big rims or a girl's as* etc. Hip Hop on th

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nvidia69 September 2020
Apart from the reggae element, I'd say they all share that downtempo hip-hop beat and have a sombre feeling about them. Check out Massive Attack, Port
nvidia69 September 2010
Are you all r*tarded? wtf Any idiot can see that Beyonce's brilliance takes a dump on Lady Gaga's
nvidia69 May 2009
Singin is singin and writin is fightin but what I'm writin got em clashin like titans its not excitin -- Talib - K.0.S.
nvidia69 January 2009
nvidia69 April 2020
Well apart from Hip Hop, rap and rhythm and blues as genres being the most popular music genres in the world, I don't see much else.

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