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pmbguy November 2020
(new) UKG (UK Gqom) (7) Feedback is welcome and I hope you enjoy...
pmbguy August 2016
(new) Who do you think I sound like? (8)
Signed up on reverbnation, n trying to complete my profile, now stuck on a step asking me to name artists that I sound similar to. Problem is I'm not
pmbguy October 2013
(new) dubstep attempts [35]
ok, i am trying some experimental tunes of a dubstep (ish) variety, ok i know technically there is no such thing as a dubstep (ish) variety cause dubs

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pmbguy November 2020
pmbguy November 2020
- Boom Sound GQOM Another one I was feeling so I ended up doing vocals
pmbguy November 2020
Any feedback?
pmbguy November 2020
pmbguy November 2017

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marioatu November 2017
(new) Fl studio (10)
Hey can some one tell me where i can fine some kl free strings plz and thanks

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