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punksta January 2014
(new) Power Ballads. (9)
You can't beat them! All that air grabbing and singing along thinking you are the best singer ever... What is your favourite to sing along to into you
punksta June 2013
(new) Roger Waters O2 gig (6)
One of my lovely buds has just informed me that David Guilmour and Nick Mason came out for the encore for Roger Waters' The Wall show at the O2 in Lon
punksta March 2013
(new) Record Store Day 2013 (1)
Any others attending? What will you be purchasing from the RSD release list?
punksta March 2013
(new) The Aquabats! [24]
Any fans? Favourite songs? Fan of The Aquabats! Super Show!? Going to any of their gigs? :)
punksta May 2011
(new) 2011 Festivals [23]
Who's going to which one this year?! :)

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punksta January 2014
You sl*t! Love them. Some more; Kiss the an*s of a Black Cat, Big Dumb Face, The Samuel Jackson Five, Holy fk... To name a few.
punksta January 2014
punksta October 2015
Now we're apart, though not through choice, do we stay mute or raise our voice.
punksta 25 days
Just Like Christmas - Low.
punksta 25 days
The Aquabats - Hey Homies

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