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sexyboyo June 2011
(new) Warehouse project, manchester (5)
Anyone ever been? Was there last year saw carl craig and booka shade..myt be goin back wen it opens again
sexyboyo July 2010
(new) DJ name game [13]
From A to Z and back again..hmm adam beyer..ben sims..carl c0x..dave clarke...
sexyboyo June 2010
(new) Resident Advisor (3)
The best by far techno/minimal website there is..podcasts always unreal with a gregor treshor from 07 bein my favourite..wat uz think any uz heard of
sexyboyo September 2009
(new) Techno Post 2009 (5)
Ok folks fed up hearin bout african rap, gangster rap, r+b s**t and anythin else thats not alike leave ur comments, links 2 sets and favo
sexyboyo July 2009
(new) Orbital (10)
Anyone ever seen them live?They absolute legends..just got their greatest hits album yday..orbital 20 its called..brilliant!Thank god they've reformed

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sexyboyo May 2012
King of the rodeo..milk!!!
sexyboyo March 2012
Yep as garion said..afro-left is awesome!
sexyboyo July 2012
Anythin from the visionquest crew is golden..troxler for king!!!
sexyboyo September 2020
ayla - touch me..class!
sexyboyo November 2011
lol no1 ere listens to good tunes :(

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