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soledad3 February 2013
(new) ArAb!An mUs!C [51]
hi all!! hv u eva listen 2 arabian music?? wat do u fink abt it?? nd watz ur fav kind?
soledad3 October 2010
(new) Metallicas lyrics gu [14]
a dude give a song lyrics by metallica and the other sayz which song it z
soledad3 November 2009
(new) Kirk Hammett [20]
Do u people agree with who says that he is just playing with wah wah bar and his music makes no sense?
soledad3 May 2009
(new) songz 2 da heart (9)
watz da most song dat touched ur heart deeply nd alwayz stuck n ur mind?? music2

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soledad3 November 2010
yeah LPs latest stuff was shyte just like the old ones .... megadeth? Iron maiden? Metallica?! Deafsfacepalm
soledad3 October 2010
i write poems and epics..s0me poems r on blog yes
soledad3 October 2010
tw@ankle tw@nkle lil star
soledad3 October 2010
twinkle twinkle little star ! Very meaningful
soledad3 November 2010
jonas brothers

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