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stexefc July 2012
(new) Goldfrapp (6)
Just received a couple of free briefs to see them tonight, goin to take the missus. they any good? think i only know of one song of thiers Talkshow

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stexefc May 2014
I go to most of them. Yousef is top drawer
stexefc January 2015
@ stexefc - 1.10.13 - 08:54am Yousef and The Angel - Float Away beg
stexefc January 2015
I knew of it for almost a year now, dopes think its a new track because of the Tesco ad dislike
stexefc July 2014
Seen the 3 times live, the last time being at Creamfields in October. F*cking immense beg
stexefc January 2015
Yousef and The Angel - Float Away beg chav

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