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vicehybr March 2010
(new) PORTISHEAD [12] there any other good bands in theyre catagory?
vicehybr November 2009
(new) S.O.A.D Top5 trax [27]
Im digging these joints at the moment, what up System Of A Down fans! -science -toxicity -forest -atwa -lost in holywood -prison
vicehybr October 2009
(new) Movie songs (9)
I dig the Oceans Eleven track calld 11, 12 and 13 by David Holmes

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vicehybr 2 days
4heroBugz in the attic fela kuti tom waits soulstice portishead smith and mudd miriam makeba anything and everything from SONAR KOLLEKTIV and NINJA TU
vicehybr November 2010
if he did wrong he must stay in, fk him anyway and he is whack and he a type of person who makes our parents think hip hop is a circus.
vicehybr August 2010
critical @ you might aswel download some on the net try beemp3, airmp3.
vicehybr January 2011
(system of a down) and (reeburth) from south afrika
vicehybr August 2010
(new) zealand got the doppest dub in the globe, but my homeboys 340ml(south afrikans) got it locked down hard! Oh and the legends BIG MOUNTAIN

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