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gibber March 2020
(new) Manic Street preachers (3)
Any manics fans? Favourite songs? Albums?
gibber February 2020
(new) Red (1)
Any Red fans? What are your favourite ltracks? I love Evening hate
gunger February 2020
(new) Pillar (2)
any pillar fans?
gunger February 2020
(new) we as human (2)
anyone in to we as human?
romeo_o February 2020
(new) Alternative rock [101]
Rocker all the lovers of alternative rock just leave ur finger prints here!
zero01 February 2020
(new) indie [23]
anyone into suede, the tears, bernard buttler, brett anderson?
saher02 February 2020
(new) Listen muck but not 2much (2)
Sumetime music can chnge ur feelings and thoughts ...
destry February 2020
(new) Classic Rock [23]
Styx, Foreigner, Uriah Heep, The Who, Alice Cooper. Who else do you think could be considered 'classic' rock?
metalb0y February 2020
(new) Music Websites [12]
So what sites are you using to find new music? ATM I am using MusicLeakster. Post your favorite sites :D
june23rd January 2020
(new) INSTRUMENTS @ home [30]
- wat musical instruments do you have at home and you master?
cwlldan January 2020
(new) Trance Club 2 pinned [7752]
(First started 28.04.06) Hey there and welcome to Trance Club 2 . This is the place for all things trance, whether it's uplifting, psychadelic, chillout or whatever. Also, post whatever track you're listening to, any news, l
9362 January 2020
(new) Favourite new wave songs (9)
What's yours,a few of mine are;shot by both sides by magazine,into the valley and the saints are coming by the skids,where's captain kirk by spizz ene
slick_01 January 2020
(new) Kat Deluna (3)
wat happend to her? i never liked her or her music though
wildhart January 2020
(new) DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL pinned [522]
Not really of course I'm not a music . BUT there is nothing like metal music, the passion, intensity and invetiveness. Whether we are talking thrash,
ishian January 2020
(new) Fav Djs or Edm guys (7)
My first vote was always n wil be tiesto .. Next calvin fkin harris ... Deadmau5 n hardwell

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