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romeo_o October 2020
(new) Alternative rock [108]
Rocker all the lovers of alternative rock just leave ur finger prints here!
axlisbak October 2020
(new) Newest Pop song hit? [131]
Feel free to post a new song you have heard recently that you predict will be in the top 40 charts within the next few months and lets see what predic
gothbch October 2020
(new) Defenders o th faith (1)
Anybody go? I went to birmingham, totaly amazing, lamb of god and dimmu borgir were great, cant wait to see who plays next year :-)
gothbch October 2020
(new) Children of bodom [22]
Whats the best cd to buy, im off to see them with machine head and slipknot in a couple of wks n want to get some cds 1st
gaara_x October 2020
(new) Children of Bodom [14]
I haven't seen any topic of this band posted here lately. They are pretty kick ass, truth be told. haha. (: i'm already a huge fan of Alexi's vocals.
grandson October 2020
(new) Cradle of filth? [57]
chin is it satanic band? Or just their gimmick?
emojerin October 2020
prin.b October 2020
(new) children of bodom cradle of filth [23]
who is d best??????????? which song can beat them each other?
vooltex October 2020
(new) which country has the best music? (7)
which country has the best music in the world?
xbeltax October 2020
(new) Dance mixes (6)
I'm.looking for dance.mixea for the gym good ones tho like biy of piano and scouse house
1owlcity October 2020
(new) Latin, Hindi and K-Pop Music Scene [89]
I'll start with: Maluma feat. Ricky Martin - No Se Me Quita
beanie80 October 2020
(new) Eddie Van Halen (4)
Rip to co-founder of Van Halen, lost his battle to throat cancer after a decade
saher02 September 2020
(new) Wrong lyrics shuld b remov (2)
True lyrics of love can change ur whole life. . .
ff7xgirl September 2020
(new) Metal screaming (3)
Anyone practice?
six September 2020
(new) The Outhere Brothers (7)
They're out there...

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