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emski 1 day 1 hour
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [40399]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
gabriel9 September 2020
(new) PROG ROCK HEAVEN pinned [38404]
From the classic prog of the 70s, Genesis, Yes, ELP, Floyd... to present day, Mars Volta, Tool etc... this is your forum on all things prog!
cwlldan September 2020
(new) Trance Club 2 pinned [7753]
(First started 28.04.06) Hey there and welcome to Trance Club 2 . This is the place for all things trance, whether it's uplifting, psychadelic, chillout or whatever. Also, post whatever track you're listening to, any news, l
metalb0y September 2020
(new) METALLICA POST pinned [5582]
Welcome to the Metallica post, here you can discuss anything Metallica related, all fans are welcome, old or new. So let it be written, let it be done...
xredmanx August 2016
(new) *uk grime scene* [1476]
Ne uk grime peepz out der a fink it gettin bigga n wana see more uk grime artists break thru sign in n tell us ya fave artist!
tyra.25 February 2013
(new) Wats ur fav. Line in any song... [530]
I promise me from tis day on im living 4 u... Wu cn gues wu sings dat
wildhart February 2020
(new) DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL pinned [522]
Not really of course I'm not a music . BUT there is nothing like metal music, the passion, intensity and invetiveness. Whether we are talking thrash,
xopdax November 2010
(new) ::SLIPKNOT:: [428]
nottz_86 May 2013
(new) HIPHOP NEWS [3335]
i will start doing this all in one thread. this will be done every day. this will include every thing hip hop related from news, future albums, cd sal
blkrage March 2011
(new) S.A HIPHOP [693]
Is it goin up or down?hu r ur fav artists
shamanix April 2015
(new) Chill/Ambient cd's! [611]
What is the best track or cd in the chillout and ambient field?Mine would b Orb-Orbus Terrarum,Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works 1 and 2,F.S.O.L-Lifef
alcoholk April 2010
(new) Heavy Metal Jukebox [744]
Down - Ghost Along the Missisippi
prolepis January 2009
(new) Whats yo Punch Line [298]
have you ever wrote a ill line you wanna kick get comments on how ill it is or maybe you heard a punch line well kick.ha ha ha my Pen is bleeding lyri
slick_01 April 2020
(new) RAP IS THE FUTURE [216]
Rap/hiphop music is the future of all music, its already overtaking all other type of music and will never die out rap2
a.i.l.d October 2010
(new) LAST LETTER BAND!!! [823]
lets hav sum fun, evry1 mentions a band that starts with the last letter of which ever band da previous person mentioned.

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