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lucky13 7 hours 33 minutes
(new) Been a few years (0)
Been a few years since I was on here. Any old buds still here. Probably remember me by Deek
tepz 12 hours 11 minutes
(new) Need buds (1)
Hi used to wap alot once upon a time. Thinking to give it a go again. Need new buds. Feel free to add me thanks :)
sammy19x 6 days
(new) New Here [16]
After few buds clean chat only smile
sammy19x 10 days
(new) Budzzzzzzz (2)
Looking for buds preferably ones that can hold a conversation m or f I'm not bothered
reebok32 16 days
(new) Clipart game pinned [2598]
Same idea as last letter just use a clip starting wit last letter ov previous clip. Rage rage
amrick 19 days
(new) New friends (0)
Hi I've just started coming back here. And would like to make new friends. Inbox me or add me.
taffy05 25 days
(new) Buds wanted (8)
The only stipulation is u must be chatty lol i dont care if you hav pix or not, if yr big or small, male or female, straight or gay, honestly whatever
saher02 25 days
(new) new dy new life (1)
Take evryday like u are born new today and it is ur duty to prform a gud or a humble work for the sake of poor ppl.
janeybaby 26 days
(new) be gentle (3)
Just popping on to say hi, new to all this
sarahx19 November 2019
(new) Hellloooooo [17]
Hi new to thiz. X
asianbiker November 2019
(new) Back after a few years (1)
Been a fair few years since I was last on hear. Can't remember my password to my old account and can't reset as I no longer have the old email. Don't
saher02 November 2019
(new) give respect (1)
No relationship can survive without manners and respect.
chikiboi November 2019
(new) Hellooooo (7)
Anyone here from 10 years ago?
zipil October 2019
joybags October 2019
(new) New Last letter game pinned [13035]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure

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