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obi_jon 13 minutes
(new) Word Association 7.0(updated rules) pinned [10822]
You know what to do.(no people's names please) Anvilanvil.gif
ladibud 1 hour 7 minutes
(new) Covid Vaccine... [686]
have many of you guys went for the jab? how's the infection rate and death tolls now compared to say, last wave there?
1clivey1 1 hour 28 minutes
(new) Thoughts18 pinned [6375]
Old one done so here we go
xxzeroxx 1 hour 30 minutes
(new) Who's next? pinned [1467]
Here's the topic to guess who will RIP next. Every year the same topics pop up when someone famous dies. Here you can guess who is next and Rip to the
4juice 1 hour 34 minutes
(new) Israel [1035]
Why is Israel not classified as a terrorist state?
birdy 7 hours 2 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [11844]
New one, for speed's sake. Go! music.gif
sourface 13 hours
(new) What was the last thing you watched on YouTube? pinned [2242]
Yes I'll wait for theyawn.gif and repost crap yes it's true but an update would be good.
strawfox 17 hours
(new) We WIN pinned [6055]
BIDEN 2020 ... tRump 10 to 20
trunking 21 hours
(new) Parting with physical belongings. [24]
So I'm at a point in my life where I've had enough with the h0arding and want to live a minimalistic lifestyle (preferably keeping all my belongings i
1clivey1 1 day
kamran3334 1 day 1 hour
(new) Kebabs [71]
Who loves kebab? What types of kebabs do you know and have you tasted any? eating2.gif
tranie 2 days
(new) Public Swimming Pools [45]
When was the last time you went to a public swimming pool ? and did you get out the pool to have a pee ?
xivanax 2 days
(new) Whats for supper? [2345]
Supper lunch dinner. Whatever you call your evening meal
ladibud 2 days
(new) What are you doing now? pinned [3442]
Version 3.... So,shout, let it all out.... Waiting
3mel 3 days
(new) How to get a WAR started [29]
comedians watch a clip of speaker at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies openly talking about what's needed for America to start a war with

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