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So, yeah- Im kinda big on traveling. For me its a thrill to go to another place and totally immerse myself in the culture and live a week or two like the natives. Do what they do, eat/drink the same, go about life as they do. I love it.

Annd in most countries I usually stand out as a tourist. And when they find out Im American they treat me like royalty. Im yet to face any bad experience, racism or discrimination of any sort. And Im very happy for that.

The only two continents I havent touched on are South America and Antarctica. And I have the former on my mind before the year ends.

Anyway, I know several of you get around as well. Feel free to share your pictures and experiences. It could be in the city you live in, as that could be an interest of someone else. Just like NYC is an interest of many. Share a travel experience or pictures of places youve been to or would love to go. Join in the fun. This forum needs it anyway.

Its sll about the visuals. Ill be sharing stuff. Get ready.
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