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Some weird, unexplained things have been going on in my house.

My daughter's lunchbox got raided during the night. I heard something going on in the kitchen and thought it might be one of our cats on the counter. But when I checked, there was nothing happening in the kitchen, and both cats were asleep at her feet.

Her hairbrush is being moved from its usual place on her dresser to her desk, every day.

Our instant coffee has been replaced with hot chocolate. We buy some things in bulk because it's cheaper. Coffee is one of those things. So we keep it in a large container and refill the smaller container at the kettle from that. The big container now has hot chocolate in.

My tub of aqueous cream flew off my dresser and landed next to my bed, while I was in the room.

I had a large fan in my bedroom. It wasn't the best quality and was old. So it stopped working. Like if I switched it on, you could hear the motor running, but the blades wouldn't move. So I took the good quality, newer fan from the front room, which worked great before. But as soon as I turned it on in its new place in the bedroom, it stopped working. In the exact same way that the old one stopped working. Could hear the motor running, but nothing happened.

My husband has this big old porcelain bulldog. It's technically an ornament, but it's life size. Normally I hate ornaments, but I allow this one because its sentimental to him, it belonged to his late dad. And it kinda appeals to my goofy side. So it stays in one spot where its safe, and we're careful with it when cleaning since its porcelain. The last time we cleaned it, we noticed that a part of its leg broke off and disappeared. It's just gone.

I've been joking about it being a ghost. And Birdy recently said in a post that she keeps hearing beeping noises in her house, and she can't find the source. I think someone jokingly suggested that someone is living in her ceiling.
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