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Had any nice surprises lately?

I'm not sure i remember them as much as i'd like. Even the little things. A little thing happened today but it could've been bad.

I was out on the bike and saw an old mate. We were near his house, and he invited me round. He ain't changed, and as i sat in a room stinking of weed, he asked me if i wanted a drink. Well, it was more a prompt..
Well what could i do, ask if he had any pressed blueberry juice..?

''Yeah, go on then''

My eyes rolled into the back of my head, as i asked myself wtf i was doing, and how bad this was gonna go.

He pulled a tall can from the fridge. Beer, cider, who tf knows... 'Nordic' was the brand. I let chatter interrupt any further investigation for a few moments, but in the back of my head, all i could think of was an impending poisoning by a 10p can of battery acid.

'Pear flavour'

Now i have my history regarding cider knowledge, and even at my worst times, there was cider made of apples or pears. Quite what pear flavour cider was, well that was a matter of speculation.

As he fired the decks up (he's like 42) i frantically looked around for a plant pot. Well. There may have been some in the attic, but there were none within reach. I was gonna have to drink this shyte.
As my glands swole up, and my saliva went acidic, i subtly caught a glance of the ingredients list. It said it was made of apples. A bold claim, i thought. No mention of pears, tho.

He spun up an old skool tune, and i went for it. Fk it. And erm.. whoa, it was nice! So smooth, sweet, not at all acidic, bitter, or even tangy. It was like a smoother, nicer version of Stella Cidre. It was like it was brewed with yellow apples.

Suddenly he was like my best mate. I had four cans! The most i've been tipsy in ages (four percent lol) and i thought on the way home... that'd make a topic.

Come on. You can do better. Had any nice surprises lately? Anything go better than you expected?
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