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Today's scenario:

I'm in a convenience store buying munchies for work. A guy walks up to the meat fridge and starts putting meat products into a carrier bag.

I thought to myself, ''what's this, supermarket sweep..?'' I take a couple of items from the fridge opposite, to stay stealthy, and proceeded to make an instant and automatic plan to stop his getaway.

I browsed along the fridge, towards the entrance, and he made his way towards me. I stepped back, so he had to walk in front of me, then proceeded to block his path, forcing him to a stop against the fridge door.

''Where are you going with that, mate?'' I asked, quietly. ''I can't let you do that.''

At this point I wasn't sure how he'd react, but I got more than I expected. I was expecting action, and fast. What I got was a squirmy, resentful, protesting moan from him, asking why can't I let him do it? What am I talking about, etc...


The manager crept up rapidly behind him and plucked the bag from his hand - he just let her. He didn't give a sh*t.. just continued his tirade at me, getting angrier.

Preparing for a bang in the face, I positioned myself so he had the freedom to go for the door. I kept the items in my hand, but held them a bit higher, fully prepared to match any fists.

By this time a couple of other customers gave their presence, he was loosely surrounded, and he fled - not without kicking some shelving in a rolling-tantrum on the way out.

Obviously a smackhead having a hard day at the office, but I had to wonder on the rest of my journey to work... Did I do the right thing? Should I have just let him take it?
I suppose I ask because he was so fkn shocked i stopped him..

So yeah, what would you have done?
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