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luvcaged August 2017
(new) friendzone [91]
what kinda guys/girls do you put in a friendzone? And How can they get out of it?
luvcaged June 2017
(new) gold fish tanks... [107]
I'm thinkin about restarting my fish tank, which gold fish would you recommend? I want the kind that can last a lil longer.
luvcaged June 2017
(new) baby drama, mama [83]
I have drama with this chick I'm dating, she's got a kid, I don't mind that, my problem is she keeps asking me for a child and I don't want that s**t,
luvcaged March 2017
(new) is it true [48]
that the majority of people in the UK sleep naked at night? confuse
luvcaged February 2017

* Replies:
luvcaged April 2017
@ mikeymk - 6.04.17 - 11:24am How can you call anyone an idiot? Let me get this right. Some people
luvcaged April 2017
@ mikeymk - 6.04.17 - 11:15am Wasn't he voted into power by the majority..? Are protests not just u
luvcaged April 2017
you're always complaining bored
luvcaged April 2020
musho as homer simpson..
luvcaged April 2017
it doesn't matter whether you're black or orange, you're still stupid, I only edited it cause you're not worth getting called a b***h.

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birdy April 2020
(new) Poetry. pinned [1149]
Do you like it? I'd like to hear (well, read) some, if anyone has any they like, or wrote themselves. Any kind.

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