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h0tpiink November 2014
(new) Nightshift [41]
Yep... That's me tonight wave2.gif I do a lot of whinging and pestering to get these shifts (because of the money, obviously) but without fail regret it
h0tpiink August 2014
(new) Abusive messages [116]
Does anyone on here have much experience of them? I get quite a lot but it's usually the type you can really laugh at... For example I rarely reply to

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h0tpiink November 2017
I definitely need to start reading again.... or gyming.... or both chin.gif
h0tpiink May 2017
@ bobdylan - 25.04.17 - 08:24am She msg me last night to see if it's not too late to come back ! Faint.gif [
h0tpiink May 2017
Ahh bob that really sucks, hope you're okay! Sounds like youll be better off anyway good.gif
h0tpiink April 2017
Invested is a strong word.... it's just strange when someone pretends to be hurt and asks for advice for fun lol suppose I shouldn't really be shocked
h0tpiink April 2017
Yes I understand the comment, it's the funny side I'm struggling to see searching.gif

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