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0.lily.0 April 2017
(new) Barefoot shoppers [35]
I work in retail and have noticed a number of men come do their shopping, do you do it? and ladies, will you go shopping with your man i

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psnality November 2017
(new) Thoughts 10.4 [5247]
Yeah so not sure why the thoughts posts go in 10's, I'm just sticking with tradition dontknow.gif What are you thinking, we on pro want to know yes.gif
piggle October 2017
(new) Do you no just love... [78]
Making yourself an exceptionally cracking cup of tea? One of those extra special, dunno-how-the-fu*k-you-done-it but it's perfect, cups of tea? [br
1molly August 2017
(new) The nice crew [33]
Who is on your nice list
vovo2012 August 2017
(new) legging [50]
Yes or no. Worn on their own. Or with a long top or skirt.
obi_jon August 2017
(new) Aussie woman shot dead by US police. [89]
An Australian woman has been shot dead by police in Minneapolis, after she called them to report hearing noises in the alleyway next to her house. Ser

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