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1bad_boy April 2020
(new) Corona hacks [37]
Any hacks you'd like to share, like using dog po0p bags like rubber gloves..etc
1bad_boy November 2019
(new) Legalization of pot [57]
Was official across canada yesterday, you for it or against it? I dont smoke it but think it was a good idea
1bad_boy August 2019
(new) Happy international love your dog day [22]
Didnt know there was such a thing but happy ILYDD
1bad_boy June 2019
(new) Snapchat [36]
Wish it would just die already. I mean the Broadway show cats was cool n all but those filters have to go.
1bad_boy November 2014
(new) Charles Manson [28]
Gets a marriage Better yet why?

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1bad_boy 51 minutes
@ mikeymk - 20.04.20 - 03:31pm Yeah I need something for the bike and car. I could use a good motorcycle o
1bad_boy April 2020
Yeah i guess, but i would imagine DT's are temporary grin.gif
1bad_boy April 2020
Lol.gif i was actually a little surprised at what our govt deemed liquor and weed stores
1bad_boy 51 minutes
@ mikeymk - 20.04.20 - 11:33am Ffs, take this, bash it there... go there... grab it and bash it there... g
1bad_boy 51 minutes
What a beauty day!

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tranie 12 days
(new) Bud's Moods [227]
ok guys its a while since we had a bud's moods post. You know the score no names no pack drill. what are some of the funniest moods that your bud's ha

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