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4juice 30 days
4juice 2020
(new) disco tunes [396]
What is your favourite 90s disco tunes? Lets see your classics. Mine is Underworld - Born Slippy and Culture Beats - Mr Vain clapping
4juice 2020
(new) non halal foods [84]
Hey everyone, im getting a list of food that is NOT halal or kosher for consumption but okay to eat for everybody else. I hope we can put a good list
4juice 2020
(new) mobile games [22]
What is your favourite phone games? At the moment i only play Archero
4juice October 2019
(new) face skincare [115]
Share your routine here

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4juice 12 days
@ slwnoris - 4.02.20 - 12:10pm I look on twitter, I don't have an account, to see what my mp is boosting a
4juice 1 hour 24 minutes
@ 3mel - 6.02.20 - 03:23pm there a games company aren't they ? is there any reason for them to have figur
4juice January 2020
d*mn thought this was a RIP post
4juice January 2020
Black kids are more dumb so its sort of motivation for them
4juice 1 hour 13 minutes
Just saw him the other day in chat, anyway rip dude you will be missed.

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reallyu September 2017
(new) Crushes! [227]
Sooooo...I have a secret crush on Mickey, psnality n liambrwn crazyforyou.gif... funny, sarcastic, intelligent white guys within my age range of prefere
katie.x3 September 2016
(new) Coldsores [46]
Does anyone get them? I woke up today with 2! Lucky me!! Looks like I have been in a fight!

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