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4juice 10 days
4juice June 2020
(new) wap groups 2 (4)
Can wap group ever be revived? It seems dead in there. Maybe has decomposed for a year now. It was the niche for this site in the old days but now it
4juice May 2020
(new) what you missed most [31]
because of covid ? I miss football and travelling sad2
4juice April 2020
4juice April 2020
(new) disco tunes [394]
What is your favourite 90s disco tunes? Lets see your classics. Mine is Underworld - Born Slippy and Culture Beats - Mr Vain clapping

* Replies:
4juice 27 days
@ dodgey - 27.06.20 - 01:09pm Liverpool fans have once again proved they are the scu m of the Premier leag
4juice May 2020
@ dodgey - 15.05.20 - 01:02am Is anyone else doing these? Drinking and chatting with mates but on video c
4juice May 2020
@ strawfox - 27.03.20 - 12:06pm Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus. Mr Johns
4juice 4 days
@ 3mel - 25.03.20 - 01:08pm can't picture Queenie doing everything for herself like washing and ironing he
4juice 4 days
Doubt they were before phil was tested positives. I will assume everyone in buckingham got some sort of exposure to the virus.

* Favourites:
reallyu September 2017
(new) Crushes! [227]
Sooooo...I have a secret crush on Mickey, psnality n liambrwn crazyforyou.gif... funny, sarcastic, intelligent white guys within my age range of prefere
katie.x3 September 2016
(new) Coldsores [46]
Does anyone get them? I woke up today with 2! Lucky me!! Looks like I have been in a fight!

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