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9362 3 hours 12 minutes
(new) Hip hop tunes [322]
Following on from juices disco songs post, what are your favourite hip-hop tunes? Just listened to paid in full by Eric b and rakim, 30 years old and
9362 3 hours 47 minutes
(new) The religion of peace.... [51]
Teacher beheaded in France because he showed a class of students caricatures of the prophet Mohammed. Maybe we should all start drawing and publishing
9362 12 hours 39 minutes
(new) Extinction rebellion [396]
So for 3 days now this bunch of left wing hippy morons and their deluded followers have caused chaos in London by blocking bridges and glueing themsel
9362 7 days
(new) Sad sign off the times [46]
Got a vacancy now for a barperson at work. Normally they get hardly anyone applying. Had over 100 applications in 2 dayssad.gif. Terrible times
9362 10 days
(new) Rugby........ The beautiful game? [112]
Always used to say rugby players had more morals then football players. Not now I think. Israel Faleau saying homosexuals should go to hell. Billy vin

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9362 3 hours 53 minutes
@ jlh1182 - 27.10.20 - 09:47pm So this guy who died in Ireland a few months back, the one that had all the
9362 1 hour 46 minutes
Frustrated..... Like every time
9362 1 hour 46 minutes
Late....... On tranie's bus
9362 1 hour 46 minutes
9362 1 hour 46 minutes

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