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9362 3 hours 19 minutes
(new) England is fu*ked [2139]
Lot of angry folks around here. Blm protestors defacing cenotaph the other day. Defacing Churchill and Lincoln statues today. Trying to set fire to th
9362 11 days
(new) Hip hop tunes [303]
Following on from juices disco songs post, what are your favourite hip-hop tunes? Just listened to paid in full by Eric b and rakim, 30 years old and
9362 18 days
(new) Strike for black lives (10)
Another stupid idea. Economies all around the world suffering a downturn. Thousands of people lost their jobs Thousands though working are Struggling.
9362 22 days
(new) Captain Tom Moore [165]
This amazing man has now raised 1.5 million pounds for the NHS. 99year old ww2 veteran who will be 100 in a couple of weeks time is raising the money
9362 24 days
(new) Rugby........ The beautiful game? [103]
Always used to say rugby players had more morals then football players. Not now I think. Israel Faleau saying homosexuals should go to hell. Billy vin

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9362 3 hours 19 minutes
@ bambi60 - 7.08.20 - 05:52pm The jobs are there , they get paid about four quid an hour and it's the guys
9362 3 hours 19 minutes
Bring back dwarf t.ossing
9362 2 days
@ cleancut - 6.08.20 - 08:20pm Controversial opinion: If they cared so much why'd they let him become a co
9362 7 minutes
9362 3 hours 19 minutes
@ ogdenz - 5.08.20 - 09:03pm I know all that. However as soon as someone says you can't do this college co

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