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(new) the Rotherham disgrace [648]
As the trial ends of 3 Muslim brothers found guilty of numerous sexual offences against kids,it's revealed that 55 investigations into alleged police
9362 1 day 16 hours
(new) Another NHS scandal [46]
Leaked report says that at the Shrewsbury and Telford hospital over a period of at least 40 years at least 40 deaths could have been avoided in the ma
9362 2 days
(new) Vegan steak bake [54]
Is actually rather nice. Well done Greggs.Would you have one?
9362 2 days
(new) You should all feel sorry for me [55]
For according to many on Twitter, all my life lhave been discriminated against. I was born in a country where White people have always had an advantag
9362 4 days
(new) Who do you think you are [15]
Anybody else watching this? Current series is really interesting. Like family history, has anybody here got any interesting ancestors?

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9362 1 day 16 hours
@ ogdenz - 16.01.20 - 08:49pm Ahh but i was referring to you. Your real problem is not that people don
9362 6 hours 46 minutes
Happy birthday
9362 18 hours
@ koohkie - 16.01.20 - 01:44pm Dont u dare encourage her tya dont do it dont.gifAnd how would y
9362 1 day 16 hours
@ tranie - 16.01.20 - 06:05pm holding a an advisory referendum, is a risk ms sturgeon may not be willing t
9362 1 day 16 hours
@ ogdenz - 16.01.20 - 06:07pm So you admit and agree that Bwexit is and will continue to be an utter catas

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