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9362 8 hours 15 minutes
(new) Duffy (10)
Horrifying story emerging about the Welsh singer Duffy. Posted on instagram that the reason she's been quiet for so long is that she was abducted and
9362 21 hours
(new) Is this appropriate? [53]
As part of lgbt history month a Scottish primary school invited a drag Queen called flowjob to meet pupils and read a story to them. Surely things lik
9362 3 days
(new) Julian Assange [143]
Is now suing the Government of Ecuador saying that he's been cut off from the world since taking refuge in their London embassy a few years ago pmpl.gif
9362 4 days
(new) the Rotherham disgrace [703]
As the trial ends of 3 Muslim brothers found guilty of numerous sexual offences against kids,it's revealed that 55 investigations into alleged police
9362 7 days
(new) Babies are born without a sexual identity [43]
According to Dawn Butler a labour mp. Do we have the most stupid politicians ever in the UK? She is one of the leading labour mp's as well. Clearly th

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9362 8 hours 15 minutes
It is indeed bambi
9362 12 hours 58 minutes
Looks like some games may get postponed
9362 13 hours
@ wakeup4 - 25.02.20 - 05:46pm Plenty of them but you know how they close ranks to protect each other you
9362 1 minute
@ slwnoris - 25.02.20 - 05:03pm Terrorist groups go undetected for years and you know it, so don't try to
9362 13 hours
@ wakeup4 - 25.02.20 - 04:58pm Everyone knows its still going on its easy to point the finger at dead non

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