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a_loner June 2017
(new) jobbie [47]
Nah.... What do you people all do for a living?

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a_loner October 2017
a guitar,the worst piece of sh*t ever. the fret edges overhung the neck and were sharp as anything. that turd went back the same day.
a_loner November 2017
@ terrydactyl - 16.08.17 - 10:56am Got under shelter just as the rain began. Gonna have a good day out
a_loner August 2017
my boss recently got one,not sure the model type,it tells him his sleep hours and everything. he's now a total fitbit c0ck . ohhh just did m
a_loner August 2017
@ propidol - 13.08.17 - 04:03pm If you're male then no but if you're female
a_loner August 2017
I usually clean up first,then immerse myself in working on my bike or some other thing that I usually get no time to do. as much as I love my f

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