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alanball 3 hours 58 minutes
(new) Noris [132]
Could pass an eye test blind folded beg
alanball 11 days
(new) Sir Everton Weekes (9)
Tremendous name. Rip mush beg
alanball 20 days
(new) Norris Fan Club [47]
The other thread has been hijacked by a few dopes. Please pay homage to Norris in here beg Norris
alanball 26 days
(new) Marcus Rashford [44]
Doing a better job as leader as the opposition than the actual leader of the opposition beg
alanball 28 days
(new) Illegal Raves [27]
Two illegal lockdown raves attracting around 6000 people in Manchester have ended with 1 dead, 2 stabbed and a girl r*ped. How have 2 raves of that si

* Replies:
alanball 1 hour 9 minutes
Can't stop the apocalypse mush
alanball 3 hours 58 minutes
fking hell a post where I agree with this mong lol
alanball 3 hours 58 minutes
Fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, fear of tight spaces is called claustrophobia, and fear of Noris is just plain logic
alanball 3 hours 58 minutes
Noris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.
alanball 1 day 3 hours
Gimp that tried to charge a TV crew for his heating bill after conducting an interview in his living room pmpl

* Favourites:
shreds50 14 days
(new) Glasgow [268]
Several dead in Islamist terror attack this afternoon. At least three people are believed to have been stabbed to death in a stairwell to a hotel in G
9362 3 days
(new) England is fu*ked [1586]
Lot of angry folks around here. Blm protestors defacing cenotaph the other day. Defacing Churchill and Lincoln statues today. Trying to set fire to th
1clivey1 4 days
9362 April 2020
(new) Extinction rebellion [361]
So for 3 days now this bunch of left wing hippy morons and their deluded followers have caused chaos in London by blocking bridges and glueing themsel
9362 April 2020
(new) Captain Tom Moore [163]
This amazing man has now raised 1.5 million pounds for the NHS. 99year old ww2 veteran who will be 100 in a couple of weeks time is raising the money

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