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beery2 June 2018
(new) Syria gets more complicated [306]
Russia has commenced air strikes in Syria and it seems they're not just targeting isis, they appear to be hitting all of Assad's enemies, including th
beery2 January 2018
(new) Hello, I'm new [34]
Been a while anyway, how the bug*ery is everyone?
beery2 April 2017
(new) what have i missed? [25]
any admins done a sid?
beery2 October 2016
(new) Petition [12]
I've made a petition will you sign it?Click this link to sign the petition:
beery2 September 2016
(new) Christmas... [48]
They've started putting the lights up in town... It's still September ffs...

* Replies:
beery2 January 2018
beery2 January 2018
beery2 February 2018
bug*er...that last reply is in the wrong post... Nevermind... Anyway... Monty python and the holy grail, and life of Brian
beery2 February 2018
My telly died several months ago and I decided not to replace it, so I don't know who is on TV atm, let alone who is annoying
beery2 January 2018
Yeah, I once texted my gf ' I'm going to kick your puppy'... That is absolutely not what I meant to say...lick.gif

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dailygoss April 2016
(new) Unicorn Cow [30]
A unicorn born on a farm in Uzbekistan has been deemed a dark omen with high levels of global pollutants being blamed for the mutation.The animal, a c
1hotie October 2015
phillwin August 2015
(new) join up writeimg [50]
is there a right and wrong way

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