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birdy 5 hours 11 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [3643]
New one, for speed's sake. Go! music.gif
birdy October 2020
(new) Poetry. pinned [1156]
Do you like it? I'd like to hear (well, read) some, if anyone has any they like, or wrote themselves. Any kind.
birdy September 2020
(new) New music (8)
Newly released Chris Cornell track. Guns n Roses cover. Very important stuff.
birdy July 2020
birdy July 2020
(new) Hey [37]
Alright, my Christmas is over. Is anyone here that wants to talk sh*t lol

* Replies:
birdy 22 days
@ mrfruity - 18.12.20 - 10:12pm Don't need a Rope for thatlol you're filthy.
birdy 8 hours 27 minutes
birdy 8 hours 27 minutes
Alex. P. Keaton
birdy 8 hours 27 minutes
@ 3mel - 24.12.20 - 03:16pm oh yes you're in the future aren't you, Merry Christmas youz n yourz
birdy 22 days
George Michael used to give large amounts of money anonymously, but it leaks, that's how I know this. lol

* Favourites:
birdy October 2019
(new) Help [32]
My boys get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Go vote for Consider it my Christmas presen
phallica June 2019
(new) Thoughts 16 [1747]
Old thread is glacial, continue here please.
phallica July 2017
(new) Birdy!! [53]
It's dat time oh yeeeuhhh. Happy birthday Birdy. party.gif hurray.gif hurray.gif
unavailable April 2017
(new) Screenshot conversations [75]
Do you or have you ever screenshot a convo on whatsApp or text convo and sent it to someone? If someone screenshot a convo you had with them would you
wickedwitch August 2017
(new) Thoughts 10.3 [5562]
A new thoughts post as the other is running slow.Please make this the first nice one.So i ask no nasty comments innuendos or sly remarks you know who

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