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bozzalad 18 days
(new) Manchester Arena [18]
A SCHOOL sparked fury by asking children to write an essay as a parent of a Manchester bomb victim on the topic: All terrorists should be forgiven.[br
bozzalad 19 days
(new) Christmas shoppers (3)
PETRIFIED Christmas shoppers ran for their lives after an Audi mounted the pavement while being chased by yobs wielding three-foot-long baseball bats.
bozzalad 19 days
(new) Mogadishu bombing (3)
'DEVASTATING' Mogadishu bombing 79 dead including kids as huge truck bomb rips through Somali capital AT LEAST 79 people - including children - ha
bozzalad 22 days
(new) pleasure marriages [109]
17,000 sign petition demanding BBC removes from iPlayer its 'pleasure marriages' expose on how Muslim clerics sell young girls for sex because it's 'd
bozzalad 22 days
(new) Welfare cuts [240]
Welfare cuts deaths: 60,000 demand Tories reveal how many people died after being found 'fit for work' ,The government is refusing to release the figu

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bozzalad 18 days
Headteacher Kate Parker-Randall apologised for any upset caused. She said it was important to ask kids challenging questions but added that it
bozzalad 18 days
@3mel 4 minutes write a response TO the point of view... so they're being asked to be the parents of a victim and argue against the point th
bozzalad 19 days
@ 9362 - 31.12.19 - 02:59pm Offered to pay for scholarships for poor disadvantaged white boys to top priva
bozzalad 29 days
Many a time iil
bozzalad 11 days
@ slwnoris - 23.12.19 - 10:09am I'm so sorry I missed it, I've looked back and cannot find your answer, s

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9362 19 days
(new) Sir Bryan Thwaites [60]
Offered to pay for scholarships for poor disadvantaged white boys to top private schools Winchester and Dulwich. They rejected it saying the ethnicity
9362 16 days
(new) Black history month [70]
Hope you all enjoy it. Personally I think the whole idea is crap. Many white people who made valid contributions have also been forgotten. Love people
trunking 7 days
(new) Word Association pinned [4919]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
slwnoris August 2019
(new) alien files unsealed. [43]
So aliens could be trying to kill as off, forest fire are happening more often, bees are dying out, this could well be a way to wipe as out. Without t
eyesore July 2019
(new) Song stuck in head [32]
I can hear this song in my head , kinda like something faithless or sash would do , from that era. It hasn't any, any ideas ?

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