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budgiesmuggler 17 minutes
@ ogdenz - 7.04.20 - 01:56pm I hope he is innocent as that means their were no victims.Chin.gif
budgiesmuggler 16 minutes
Do you guys think having sex with a bat could build an immunity. Or have I just wasted another valuable hour of my 2020 ?
budgiesmuggler 6 hours 11 minutes
@ bambi..mk2 - 7.04.20 - 12:58am That's the trouble with suppression sh*t bubbles out Like farti
budgiesmuggler 1 hour 3 minutes
@ gt_tdi - 6.04.20 - 10:58pm Too many good things have happened since then for this to be hell. Or you're
budgiesmuggler 1 hour 3 minutes
@ gt_tdi - 6.04.20 - 10:43pm Remember when you were adamant that we were all going to die in 2012? Will th

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